Garagekeepers Coverage / Garagekeepers Liability Insurance

If you own a business which deals with customers’ vehicles, such auto sales dealerships, repair shops, body shops, gas and service stations, tow truck companies, in addition to a garage liability insurance policy you will want to consider adding an endorsement for garagekeepers coverage or garagekeepers liability coverage.  This coverage will protect your business for claims arising out of alleged or actual damages to customers’ vehicles while the customer’s vehicle was left in your care for service or repair.


There are several options when selecting garagekeepers insurance.  One of these selections will be with regard to how your insurance coverage will respond in the event of a claim.   Will it be…

  • Legal Liability
  • Direct Primary
  • Direct Excess

Additionally there are limits to consider such as per vehicle limit and per occurrence limit, as well as deductible options.


Ask our expert agent which coverage is best suited for your business!

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