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Homeowners Insurance

Regardless if you are buying your first home, looking for better coverage, or upgrading to the high value home of your most precious dreams, MirState Insurance can help you find the right coverage.  We will tailor the coverage to protect your prized possession, fitting within your budget and keeping your priorities in mind. Types of…
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Flood Insurance

Flood Insurance protects your home and your personal property from rising waters.  Many times people find out too late that they are at risk for flooding.  Your property insurance does not cover flood damage.  Find out now if your home is located in a flood zone and what coverage is available to give you that…
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Earthquake Insurance

Earthquake insurance rates can vary significantly. In areas where earthquakes are likely to occur, the cost of this insurance is relatively high.  In areas where earthquakes are not likely to occur, the cost of insurance is relatively low. There is no way to predict exactly when or where an earthquake will occur. Seismologists predict that…
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Condominium Insurance

Better coverage at home Being a condominium owner creates unique requirements for protecting you and your property.  This is because your unit, and the building your unit is in, have separate needs.  While your condo association may have an insurance policy, only your condominium insurance covers your personal property and personal liability. Types of coverage…
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