Auto, Home & Personal

Personal lines insurance is insurance that is offered to individuals and families rather than organizations and businesses.  These insurance policies provide protection for individuals for potential losses they could not afford to pay on their own.  Here in the United States, some types of personal lines insurance is required by law, and some is strongly recommended.  For example, all citizens must have automobile insurance, which covers drivers when out on the road commuting to work, running errands and for other personal reasons.  However, homeowner insurance, while highly recommended and most likely required by the mortgage company, it is not required by law.

Below you will find just some of the insurance coverage available for personal lines insurance protection.  There are many ways to bundle and combine these policies into an insurance portfolio, to give you the best protection for your money.  Talk with one of our licensed professionals regarding your situation.  At MirState Insurance, we will find you the best coverage, with the best carrier for the lowest price!