Commercial Automobile Insurance

Commercial automobile insurance provides protection for businesses from property damage, bodily injury and other legal liability associated with the operation of vehicles that the company owns or that are used primarily in connection with the business and business activities.


Most of the coverages under a commercial automobile policy are very similar to the coverages on a personal automobile policy.  However, commercial automobile policy differs in several technical aspects.  For example, they have much higher liability limits that are available, additionally, they have provisions for coverage for non-owned or hired vehicles.  Further, businesses may elect insurance to cover their liability for employees’ use of automobiles not owned by the business, for example in the situation where an employee uses their own vehicle to deliver pizzas.


When securing a commercial automobile policy, you must also consider the type of business you have, as specific coverages are available for towing operations, public transport operations such as taxi and limousine services, delivery and courier operations, etc.


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