Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance provides protection to pay to repair or replace property which has been damaged by things like fire, lightening, windstorm, hail, water damage, theft or vandalism.  A commercial property policy will afford coverage for not just the building, but also for the contents, for items like office furniture, machinery, computers, inventory and many more items which are imperative for the operation of the business.


There are many considerations which will be vital to the survival of your business if a loss occurs.  For example, do you know which coverage form is best suited for you?  Do you need basic, broad or special policy form?  Which type of settlement provision will cover you adequately, replacement cost, actual cash value, stated value?  Are there any holes in your coverage, such as business income?  Do you need coverage for business property away from the business location?  Running a business is hard enough.  Allow MirState Insurance to be your insurance expert, we will not leave you exposed.  At MirState Insurance, we will help you find the right coverage, the right carrier for the best price!

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